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Hand massage for carpal tunnel: Massage therapy explained | HANZZEN

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common disease both for men and women. It creates a compression of the median nerve and a narrow passageway at the wrist. Wrist pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and loss of proper movement are the major symptoms of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel can bring a lot of pain and come as a big impediment to our day-to-day life. 


Immediate massage therapy for carpal tunnel is almost compulsory to avoid surgery. A proper carpal tunnel massage will integrate the fascial release technique. In this article, we will discuss the method of hand massage for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is the most effective technique to help you resolve your problem.



What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


Any crash or irritation on the median nerve in the carpal tunnel region may cause carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). A wrist fracture can accelerate the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome because it can narrow the carpal tunnel. Swelling and inflammation because of rheumatoid arthritis can cause temporary or permanent CTS. Overweight and pregnancies and diabetes may cause carpal tunnel syndrome.


In time, the increasing pressure crushes the nerve. As a result, you feel the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The major symptoms are hand or finger:


  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling (pins & needles)
  • Soreness
  • Weakness
  • Shooting electric shocks


benefits of hand massage for carpal tunnel



Therapy For Carpal Tunnel: Hand Massage Techniques


Massaging muscles and tendons always increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. If you know the massage technique, you can do it yourself. Here we list the massage technique step by step to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.




Step: 1: Start With Light Massaging  


Start your massage with a light squeeze on the muscles in your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. Avoid too much pressure that causes another problem or increases the present one. Press a slight pressure on your shoulder and go down the arm to the small muscles in your wrist and fingers.


Prepare your muscles for a deeper and more effective massage journey. Apply reflexology for at least 30 seconds to each part between your shoulder and hand. Use your hand palm, thumb, and fingers to apply the massage.


Move your palm towards the roof and rub the muscles using your opposite hand’s palm. Press on a tender and make a fist with the hand that is hurting, which will activate the muscles.


Step-2: Deepen the pressure


Now apply deeper pressure on your muscles to speed up the return flow of lymphatic and venous drainage and relieve edema. 


Apply deeper pressure at the wrist area with long strokes using your thumb and push the muscle in the center of the wrist. Glide up to your elbow altogether and return down the upper arm into the elbow, forearm. To supply more pressure, use your knuckles and do the same for at least 60 seconds.     


Step-3: Try Kneading Massage


The kneading technique, typically known as petrissage manipulation, causes metabolic residues. These are accumulated in the muscles and underneath the skin to add back into the circulation. You can also develop your tonus and elasticity by practicing kneading.


Use your palm to the muscles in your shoulder and arm and your thumb and fingers to knead your hand and wrist. Continue it for at least 30 seconds and get a better outcome.


Step-4: Saking manipulation


Shaking manipulation has a pain-relieving effect while strengthening atonic muscles perfectly. Strike the muscle softly by extending your fingers and using the side of your hand. A tip of your fingers or heel can be a good alternative to apply the technique. Again do at least 30 seconds of shaking massage to each section focusing on the wrist.


Step-5: Finish with an effleurage massage


Effleurage, also known as the light massaging technique, assists relax muscles and softening the nerves. Effleurage is performed on many body parts with fingers and flat hands. Apply effleurage from an upward direction to lymph nodes. Do at least 30 seconds of effleurage manipulation to finish the chapter on massaging techniques.


Repeat the massage to your other shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand when you have completed one hand. This is how to massage wrist pain and get proper relaxation. 


Things to Remember During Carpal Tunnel Hand Massage


Consistency and persistence are the keys so that you do not miss daily sessions of carpal tunnel massage. If you do not maintain consistency, the previous massaging is meaningless. Blending and performing repetitive motions for a long time should be avoided. Don’t let one hand overcompensate for the others; use them evenly.


You will get different wrist massagers for carpal tunnel pain. Always avoid a vibration massager to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. In reality, a person who uses a vibrating tool is almost 10 times more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome than other people. Vibrating tools create vibration syndrome, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.


Benefits of Hand Massage Therapy For Carpal Tunnel


Massage helps manage carpal tunnel symptoms by collapsing scar tissue in the carpal ligament of the hands and wrist. Gradually, it heals elasticity and reduces the friction of the affected muscles, smoothing the movement of the carpal tunnel. Straight massage to wrist tissues can help reduce pressure on the median nerve that leads to the relief of chronic pain and tingling. Allow the wrist a free movement and reduce the pressure on the inflamed areas by restoring the arm muscles to full flexibility.


  • Enhances flexibility
  • Increases range of motion
  • Pain eases
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Improved grip strength and hand function


Massage is a long-term solution that takes more than one treatment at a time for carpal tunnel syndrome to improve.

 benefits of hand massage for carpal tunnel




Is it alright to massage the carpal tunnel?


If you want a permanent solution for carpal tunnel syndrome, hand massage is the best solution. Moreover, it is cost-effective and does not interfere, which will soften your tight muscles and release your pain. It removes the inflammation and discomfort of your shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist.


How can we relieve the Carpal tunnel at night?


There is a saying that every disease has a good time at night and carpal tunnel is not different. It can seem worse at night because of the redistribution of fluid tissue in organs at the time of rest. Self-hand massage can relieve you immediately when you suffer too and from. But if it is your routine pain, go to a therapist and get effective advice or massage.


Why do my hands hurt so bad during pregnancy?


Hormones during pregnancy melt the ligaments by retaining fluid that molds the surface of the tunnel. It causes pain that weakens the median nerve and squeezes the carpal tunnel. Try to avoid any kind of massage, especially at the pelvis areas, wrist and ankle, and consult with a doctor.


Is ice or heat better for carpal tunnel?


Heat is a proven way for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, and you can use a heating pad or hot towel for relief. But ice can damage your tissues where heat provides healing. Try heat instead of ice, and don’t forget to consult with a therapist if you have a serious condition.




Hand massages can help you to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. The kneading motion during massage therapy pulls out tendon adhesions that produce swelling and pressure on the median nerve. Eventually, surplus fluid diminishes the wrist joint causing symptoms to disappear. 


We hope this article will be helpful to you if you suffer from carpal, tunnel syndrome. Nevertheless, you need to practice our massage therapy for carpal tunnel twice daily for at least 3-4 weeks or check our top 5 health benefits of hand massage.


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