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How to give a hand massage: Beginner Guide | HANZZEN

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Almost all body parts (upper and lower) are worked on when getting a massage. But hands are ignored unconsciously though they are the most overworked parts of our body.

Actually, you need to use your hands in every type of job. If you work behind a desk, you will type the keyboard by using your hand. If you are labor, you will do almost every work by your hand.


The use of hands is required for musicians, painters, athletes, and almost all other occupations that people hold. So, it is very much important to take care of your hands. In this article, you will get some ideas about how to give a hand massage.




How to Give a Hand Massage For Beginners


Instructions To Give Someone a Hand Massage


Step-1: Massage one hand at a time


You can not massage both hands at a time. First, you massage one hand and repeat the process on the other hand. It should require 5 minutes for each hand.


Step-2: Ask the person to sit or stand in front of you


You need to be comfortable and be able to reach her hand easily. Then sit down at a desk or table in front of the narrow enough person to reach comfortably. After that, place a towel on the table. Then ask the person to put her hand on the towel. If there is no table available, that's fine. You can do this massage sitting on a sofa or two chairs facing each other or even standing.


Step-3: Apply moisturizer to your hand


You need to apply massage oil or lotion to your hand. That helps your hand to slip better on the other person's skin. Apply approximately 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon massage oil, or a coin-sized lotion, to each hand. At massaging, you can apply more oil or lotion if needed. Sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil are popularly used for massaging. Before applying almond oil, ask the person if they are allergic to almonds.


Step-4: Massage smoothly using massage medium


You need to massage the person's hand smoothly using a massage medium such as oil or lotion. Use effleurage as a stroke to apply the oil or lotion for warming and relaxing the hand muscles. Apply the lotion using your palate. Invert the hand and smooth the middle between the palate and the fingers. Massage from the tips of the fingers to the wrist, and then return to the fingers.


Step-5: Massage the fingers


Firstly, for massaging the fingers, you need to hold the person's hand and palm down. Start your massaging with a pinky finger and pinch the top of the finger. After that, massage the finger towards the kink using the stroke with your thumb. Finally, fold the finger all over.


Follow the same process for each finger and end with the thumb. Ask the person who is taking a massage if the pressure is okay or not. Remind them to talk if they need more or less pressure at any time.


Step-6: Massage the backside of the hand


You need to massage the backside of the hand. Forgiving massage, first of all, takes the person's hand in your hand and palm down. After that, massage the back of the hand by using your thumb. Put your thumb pad between the pinky and ring finger.


Finally, slide your thumb, including the finger bone, towards the wrist given medium pressure. Apply this process to each finger. When applying this process to the thumb, use some extra time to massage the mesh area between thumb and forefinger using circular motions.


Step-7: Massage the back of the carpus


You should massage the back of the carpus or wrist. You need to use both of your thumbs to massage the wrist. Give the massage by using a small, circular motion. First, give a massage on the middle of the wrist, and then move out to the other sides.


Step-8: Massage the flat side of the hand


Turn the person's hand to the palm and swing in both hands. Massage the flat side of the hand using a circular motion with your thumbs. Start your massage from the middle of the thumb and end it at the wrist.


Step-9: Extend the fingers


Squeeze the palm of the person's hand and then attach your fingers to it to separate the fingers. Hold the whole hand in yours, and smoothly push back to stretch the wrist a little bit. Finally, turn the wrist with care from right to left and then left to right.


Step-10: Carefully Finish the Both Hand 


Take a hand in your hand and palm down. Then do several long strokes using the palms and fingers of your hands. Start it with the back of the wrist, and finish it towards the fingers. Repeat this process for each hand.



Instructions For Self-massaging 


The following steps will help you massage your own hand.


Extend your hands and fingers to warm up


First, you need to make a tight fist with each hand and then extend your fingers as far as possible. Do it 4 or 5 times. Then make a fist loosely with each hand and rotate your wrist in a circle 5 times on each side.


Apply massage medium to your hand


Use massage oil or lotion to warm up the muscles. You can also do the massage without oil or lotion if you want.


Pinch your fingertips


Starting with your right hand, pinch the tip of each finger of your left hand strongly between thumb and forefinger. Pressing your thumb from front to back and side to side as well. Repeat this process with the left hand.


Massage your Fingers


Massage the fingers of your left hand by using your right hand. Start at the ankles (near the kink) and twist smoothly, and pull with your fingers as you massage the tips of the fingers. Apply the same process to your right hand.


Massage the middle point of your fingers


Use your right hand to do the webbing pinch between your left thumb and forefinger. Hold the skin strongly and pull. Slide your fingers down. Repeat the process for each of the fingers.


Massage the back of each hand


You need to use your left hand to massage the back of the right hand. Take the right hand in your left hand and palm down. After that, massage the back of the hand by using your thumb. Apply this process to each finger.


Massage the inside of your wrists


You should massage the back of the right wrist with your left wrist. Give the massage by using a small, circular motion. First, give a massage on the middle of the right wrist, and then move out to the other sides.


Massage the palms of your hands


Massage the flat side of the right hand using a circular motion with your left thumb. Start your massage from the middle of the thumb and end it at the wrist.


Extend your hand


To complete the massage by yourself, extend your hands once more. When the massaging is done, shake out your hands.

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What are the important skills in hand massage?


Due to the close relationship massage therapists have with their clients, they must possess certain social skills. You can classify these skills into social, physical, and mental groups. If you work as a massage therapist, you must be forced and devoted to your work. 


Why does a hand massage feel so good?


Read about what is a hand massage and what are the benefits of it.

Hand massage are so relaxing that they release serotonin into the brain, which leads to better sleep. You will sleep better after a massage session. Massage sessions help you stay focused, engaged, and refreshed. 


What gets released during a massage?


Using massage therapy treatments, you can remove lactic acid, metabolic byproducts, and waste from the body. Massage helps release toxins and decrease the tension by stretching and manual techniques on injured muscles. In addition, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are positive hormones that circulate the body during a massage. This can increase wellbeing and reduce anxiety in a person.


How do pressure points help hand massage?


The pressure points are the most sensitive area of your body. During a hand massage session, applying pressure to these points can help to relieve pain. Additionally, this improves your health and hand massage reduce arthritis and is good for carpal tunnel. 


Final Thoughts 


The importance of hand massage cannot be overstated. It helps a person to be relaxed and refreshed. It is also a way to relieve stress and tension in someone's hands. But most people do not know how to massage their hands properly. For that reason, the steps for hand massaging have been given in this article. If you read these, you can learn how to give a hand massage.


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