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What is a hand massage and what are the benefits of a hand massage | HANZZEN

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People of the digital age spend most of their time typing on keyboards of computers and tapping screens on our smartphones. As a result, feeling a bit stiff in our fingers and hands is not a surprising matter. Simultaneously tapping those digital machines is harmful to our active hands. People of different ages are now facing many problems because of digital processes or hard labor. 


Hand massage is a therapy that can bring some good news for those suffering from hand injuries. It provides relaxation at arm and hand-related injuries and issues. Various research-based documentation proves the benefit of hand massage therapy. But arm and hand massage therapy are less familiar with people. This article will explain what hand massage is and the benefits of hand massage. 


benefits of daily hand massage on stress and arthritis 

What Is a Hand Massage?


Hand massage is a type of reflexology in which muscles of the hands are rubbed to stimulate nerve endings for various organs. Rubbing maybe with the fingers, knuckles, and blunt or sharp objects. Flexors and extensors are two types of muscle that need to be cared for regularly. So when can a hand massage help you?


Hand massage is very helpful in various situations like acute pain, post-surgery, relaxation, scarring. Acute pain can be caused by overuse and injury, and hand massage can give you sound relief.


What are The Benefits of Hand Massages?


Increase Wrist and Finger Flexibility


Hand massage is an unfailing therapy to increase finger flexibility that helps you grow scalability. It will remove the stiffness that causes discomfort within the fingers. People using smart machines can take a hand massage reflexology to increase finger flexibility and working speed. This exercise will also benefit those who have sports injuries.


Remove Blockages and Restore Balance In The Body


The muscles and tissues release emotional tension and provide motionless energy when you take a hand massage. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and sinus and breathing problems can get good relief through hand massage.


A Good Way To Create Softer Skin


People suffering from rough and rigid skin problems can get a regular hand massage. It can be a perfect solution after getting a manicure. Massage using lotion will help to make your hands smooth and soften. It offers you a refreshed and revived skin that is so demanding.


Helpful For Neuropathy


Neuropathy is one kind of nerve damage or dysfunction that causes pain in the hands and feet. It can also cause numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and pain in the damaged areas. Diabetes and chemotherapy for cancer are the common causes of neuropathy. 


Massage therapy may help develop blood circulation and flow to protect against the bad consequences of neuropathy. But the most concerning thing for massage therapy is understanding the pain tolerance threshold. A regular application of massage therapy can increase pain tolerance. You can try it at home by using essential oils for massage.


Hand Reflexology For Hand Arthritis


Hand arthritis is burning and debilitating and lessens hand strength. Very easy jobs like closing and opening a door or unscrewing a jar become very difficult. Some studies prescribe a regular hand massage for less pain and recovering grip strength.


Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel


Carpal tunnel is a common nerve disorder that creates pain, weakness, and numbness in the wrist. Hand massage therapy can help you release the pain, as reported in various research papers. Two 30 minute therapy sessions per week can dramatically change attaining a sound life.


Decrease Anxiety and Help You Sleep Better at Night


Massage is a good way to remove anxiety because it eradicates overthinking, overanalyzing, fearful thoughts, and tension. A hand massage releases serotonin, which helps gain a sound sleep at night.


Headache Relief


An individual's head and neck contain nerves, blood vessels, and muscles responsible for headaches. By massaging the hands and increasing blood flow, you can relieve this stress naturally.


Improved Circulation


One of the best ways to improve blood flow to your body is hand massage. Good blood circulation is essential to preventing heart diseases, such as heart attacks or strokes. In addition to diabetes, veins disorders, and chest pain, low blood circulation can cause other health problems. The development of blood circulation by receiving a regular hand massage can protect you from these fatal diseases. 


Decrease Pain Levels


The majority of us experience different kinds of pain due to various reasons, such as an accident, surgery, or even a positive pregnancy. You can relieve your pain from daily life by getting a reliable hand massage.



Releases toxins


In addition to treating chronic diseases, hand massage reduces muscle toxins. Having regular hand massages will help you eliminate toxic substances harmful to your health. As mentioned above, massage improves blood circulation, which encourages tissues to obtain nutrients. Additionally, it increases venal interchange movement, which multiplies toxin discharge.

hand massager machine at home



Should you feel soreness or pain during a massage? 


People believe a common myth that the more massage is painful, the more effective it is. But no proven document ensures that a painful massage is the closest sign of an effective massage. Rather pain hardens the massage therapy process to normalize tense areas. Inform your trusted therapist what you need is less or more pressure. If you have a painful area, never feel shy to tell them about it so that you would not hurt.


Why does my body feel worse after a massage?


If you feel sore or tight muscles after a massage most of the time, it is a normal case. Massage is one kind of physical exercise that pressures blood to flow into your muscle and remove toxins. You would feel sore or temporary discomfort for some hours or a normal day. But if you feel worse or more serious after a massage, you should contact your therapist.



Is it ok to take ibuprofen after a massage?


Ibuprofen is very popular for relieving pain or inflammation immediately. You feel a normal pain or inflammation, don't take it as it has some side effects. It can increase the possibility of a heart attack or stroke if you have recent bypass surgery. But if you are in worse condition, consult with an expert before taking any medicine.


How long should I wait before taking a bath after taking a massage?


People are always in a hurry to take a bath right after a massage session. Typically they feel an awkward feeling because of the oil used in massage. But it is a major mistake performed by most people who take a massage session. Oils used in massage have a heating quality that is essential for at least an hour to absorb into skin cells.


Can I take a cold shower after a massage?


Of course, you can take a shower after a massage session but wait an hour before taking a bath. But don't make a serious mistake by using hot water. If you think it will give extra relaxation, which is not true, it will raise your pain. So always use cold water to reduce your pain.


Is it ok to drive after massages?


You may feel dizzy after a massage session, which is not surprising. So don't rush to any work that needs extra concentration. Rather go to the waiting room. Have a rest for an hour to avoid any kind of unexpected situations. 




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A hand massage focuses around the muscles located within the hand, and various techniques may apply to attain a fruitful result. A hand massage provides many benefits to an individual, including flexibility, decreased tension, improved recovery, and restored body balance. If you want to get the ultimate result from hand massage, you need to find a qualified reflexologist. They will offer their professional skills to meet the benefits of hand massage.


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