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Our Story

Our mission is to improve health by providing a personal at-home hand massager

We founded Hanzzen® for people facing chronic hand pain and to improve. The messenger smooths out the swelling and restores hand movement - all without the use of medication.


Why is Hand Massage necessary?

Hand massage is a form of reflexology focused on stimulating nerve endings and muscle groups believed to activate and relax other organs and muscle groups in the body.

By relieving stress, swelling, and pain, hand massage can help increase overall productivity as well as replenish energetic balance. Much like hand massages, arm massage therapy works deeps tissue relaxation.


Our commitment

Hanzzen is committed to relieve stress, anxiety and help people with arthritis, neuropathy, hand pain or  carpal tunnel syndrome.

We do provide our best seller products:

- hand massager 

- compression gloves


Hanzzen Hand Massager in the press

Our innovative at-home hand massager has been published in more than 345 medias: Pacific Daily News, Weekly Optimist, Gazette Source, The 2 Side Story, Scoop Register, Times of Chennai and many more that can you read here.


More about us

To know more about Hanzzen and Hand Massager solution, feel free to contact us